Check out these three scholarship opportunities from our friends at V School

by OBDK on November 18, 2020

Check out these three scholarship opportunities from our friends at V School:

  1. You Belong in Tech Scholarship - $6,000 toward code or design programs
In response to social and economic inequality and the financial hardships we are facing, we’ve launched a scholarship fund to support inclusion in tech and reduce financial barriers that have impeded so many qualified individuals. 
Learn in your own way with a customized education. Broken up in to three phases, you’ll cover: Skills Building, Experience Building, and Career Training. Everything is designed with your experience level, current learning needs, and your schedule in mind. 
Check it out here.
  1. The Community Relief Scholarship - $6,000 to help individuals affected financially by COVID-19 

The COVID-19 health crisis is rapidly changing our day-to-day lives. And with so many people now out of work, we needed to find a way to help as many people as possible transition into a career in tech. We’ve put together $1M in community relief funds to help people re-skill for careers in tech by providing $6,000 toward tuition for our web development and UX/UI design online programs. 
Learn the skills, experience, and confidence it takes to succeed in the tech industry. V School will be by your side every step of the way. “Graduation” means accepting a great job, not listening to lectures for hours. 
Learn more here


  1. Veterans in Tech Scholarship - $6,000 military scholarship to help vets, dependents, and active service members re-skill and transition into a well-paying civilian career
Full ride scholarship for veterans and military spouses. V School trains veterans on the skills necessary to re-enter civilian life. We work with industry leaders around the world to keep the curriculum up-to-date for the current and future needs of the tech industry. 
Build skills, experience, and train for your new career in three phases to be ready to enter the field of web development. This includes a 1:1 veteran mentorship. 
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