OBDK's Resources page is here to help students find additional information to learn more about birds of prey, owl pellet dissection, and more. We suggest you have teaching assistants and students visit this page and do the Virtual Pellet before your lab, which will make for a great experience!



Use this information-rich version of OBDK's Barn Owl Discovery Guide, whereas our team takes students to the next level of understanding of barn owls and their Habitat, Habits, & Prey. This publication is popular with teachers in schools, homes, and in the wild! Learn about barn owls and then find all the information needed to dissect a barn owl pellet like a pro! 

Downloads are free at this link. Scroll down to read how our readers implement this tool in the classroom.

3 ideas guide


Barn owls and wolves are remarkable creatures to study. The Kidwings Explores videos below are intended to work alongside any classroom studying food chains and webs, including owl pellet dissection as part of your lesson plan or extra credit. 

Watch them in order or choose the one that looks most interesting.