Welcome to Owl Brand Discovery Kits

If you've clicked on this page, you're wanting to learn a  little more about this company — and I'm excited to share! 

Thank you for your curiosity and for sharing your child’s science journey with Owl Brand Supply Company, OBDK.com, and Kidwings. Owl Brand Supply Company is a family-owned business that began in 1996 as a wholesale science supply business. As the internet grew in the ’90s, so did the opportunity to build a company that works to help teachers meet the needs of young science enthusiasts in classrooms around the world. 

In the early days, owner Chris Anderson enlisted the help of his friend, an avid eBayer, and fellow entrepreneur Marc Trueb to develop an idea. Together, Chris and Marc imagined an exciting and fun way to use owl pellets as a means of creating hands-on learning. Marc ultimately chose other opportunities but still maintains a pellet route in Oregon where he has made many friends on behalf of conservation, education, and even working to save old, historic barns! 


 kids dissecting owl pelletsWhat was once called Owl Brand Kits became Owl Brand Discovery Kits in 2005 and a few short years later, the most searched website in the world on the subject of barn owl pellets became part of the Owl Brand family — Kidwings. The Virtual Pellet is one of the most visited links in our Resources and remains a popular free activity for kids everywhere. 

Who knew that distance learning would become the centerpiece of this decade? That prompted our team to develop Passport to Wildlife and the newest version of the Virtual Pellet — the Sherlock Bones Mystery Lab, which features a narrated online owl pellet. We think EVERYONE should have the chance to dissect owl pellets! Go there now…no, finish reading, then go there. 


At OBDK.COM, we aren’t just about selling products — although we’re very good at it. We take service to others seriously; it’s the focus of our hard work. Whether our efforts are in a classroom or a nonprofit that benefits from our work, our aspiration is to be a light in this world.  Leveraging our sherlock bones logosuccess to create resources, help nonprofits, or simply meet teachers where they have always been our goal. In addition, there are more than 30 families who benefit from the success of this small business.

Whether you’ve found us online, at Amazon, on eBay, our websites, or met us at regional science events such as Science in the Park and Passport to Wildlife, Our goal is that the young people would be inspired to be the next generation of wildlife enthusiasts and stewards. 

Thank you for taking a moment to meet OBDK and learn a little more about where your barn owl pellets originate from and how they can impact the world for good. 


Kind Regards,
obdk logo Chris Anderson, President 
 Owl Brand Supply Company