Owl Brand Discovery Kits accepts Purchase Order Requests.

The terms below allow Owl Brand Discovery Kits to continue accepting unpaid requests as a courtesy to schools and approved agencies.

Purchase Order Terms

1. You must be a public, private, or charter school or approved agency in the United States. If you have questions, please use our Contact form. We'll get back to you ASAP.

2. All orders are placed on our website. Placing your order online helps minimize the cost of unpaid orders. It also ensures that your information is correct. All quotes are also placed online. Select PO Payment orQuote Request as your mode of payment during checkout.

3. Invoices are emailed only. If you cannot be emailed an invoice, we can't help you. That also requires that you provide a billing contact either by email or in the special instructions during your order unless you are paying the invoice.

4. Terms are Net-21 days to avoid a 10% rebill fee at 30 days.

5. Confirm our mailing address by downloading OBDK's latest W9 form.(available above by hovering over the navigation link PO FAQ above.


Other: Please make sure your records reflect our payment remit address as:

Owl Brand Discovery Kits
3029 69th Avenue W, Unit H
University Place, WA 98466