There are just a few things you need to know.

Please review the items below before you place a purchase order request from Owl Brand Supply Company and Discovery Kits. As with any request for credit, we assume that you are familiar with our terms to help avoid any unnecessary delays and cost.

Send us your Tax-Exempt Certificate and/or Purchase Order below.

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We accept requests for Purchase Orders from schools, non-profits, and approved agencies.If you are unsure, write to us.


In many cases, Owl Brand Discovery Kits has previously served a school in your district. If not, it's easy to onboard us. It typically starts with our W9, which you can get on this page.


A purchase order is a request for billing, aka credit. If we approve your request, you are agreeing to Payment Upon Receipt of Invoice or Net 15, whichever comes first.


You need it to know where to send us money.


It's easy! Just enter your order and use the words PO Quote to tell us you just need information.


Chat with us to get your answer super fast, often within a few minutes!


A Purchase Order is a formal request from qualified organizations such as nonprofits, schools, or businesses who agree to certain terms of payment. Not all businesses qualify for POs and individuals do not qualify.

Please contact your school finance or business purchasing representative for this information.

If you’re in the United States and a school district, you qualify to pay Owl Brand Discovery Kits by Purchase Order. Remember, we’re extending you a courtesy so please follow our easy instructions! A Purchase Order is similar to requesting credit – we are shipping at our cost and ask for your help to avoid mistakes.

Prices are ONLY reserved when your request is received within the promotional period. No exceptions! Our prices change due to promotions and inventory. Please review our pricing BEFORE submitting your request. We will update your invoice to reflect the accurate price and do consider this your due diligence. OBDK gladly accepts Purchase Orders in the amount of $30 or more.

Requests MUST include EMAIL ADDRESSES for the requestor and the recipient of the product. Failure to provide this information will delay your order.

Owl Brand Discovery Kits allows 30 days from date of shipment for payment. Payments received after that can be charged a 7.5% penalty for late payment for each month payment is late.

Our minimum order size to qualify for a purchase order is $40 in product plus shipping. This is due to the added cost of invoicing and shipping your product without payment.

Yes! Our competitively-priced products are the same low price, whether we are shipping as a purchase order or not.   

Well, our favorite way is for you to simply enter the order and choose Purchase Order as your mode of payment when checking out. Please also add the PO # to your instructions. 

Like any company, we do have fine print. If we receive a PURCHASE ORDER request from your district or school, we are operating with the assumption that you have reviewed our basic terms. Your submission of your request is agreement to our terms. Review them carefully and check back BEFORE every order to review pricing and promotions, which may change monthly, sometimes in your favor!