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From A-Z (anatomy to zoology) dissecting barn owl pellets connects kids to nature in a fun and affordable way! Here are some activities you can enjoy on this website -- no purchase necessary!

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Learn About Owls and their Prey.
Dissect a Virtual Pellet with Sherlock Bones.

Meet Sherlock Bones and Sir Whetson, the newest members of the Owl Brand Family!

Help Sherlock by assembling the clues in time and discover a world of fun and learn about the barn owl's prey. It's an owl pellet dissection game!

Play online. Download the app. Win prizes.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I hardly ever leave reviews (my bad) but I took the time to thank this seller for the best experience ever! The pellet I got came from a BEAST of an owl! I had 2 skulls, and around 40 other bones as well. I know they can't guarantee what will be in an owl pellet, but this was a great one and I would buy from them again. Thank you!

Amazon Customer

Fast shipping, great customer service, my kids can’t wait to dissect them.

eBay Customer Vaping_Gamer80

Great item and super fast shipping . Many thanks, AAA ++++

eBay Customer mpd46

Pellet was perfect, found lots of pieces that I was hoping to have for a project I'm working on. Will definitely order again.

Ellis Brown, Pennsylvania

Chris has worked with us through thick and thin/good times and bad times. It has been a pleasure to speak with him on routine basis and develop a strong working relationship.

Stephen Harrington, Wards Natural Science