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Servals are cats that live in over 30 countries in Africa. They weigh around 33 pounds and tend to be around 30-40 inches long. They have long legs, which help them cross through the tall grasses in their habitats and capture prey easily. 


There are 19 subspecies of Serval. Learn more here!

on March 08, 2023

Gila woodpeckers are about 8-10 inches tall and weigh 3.5 ounces. They are loud birds and are found in desert habitats. They like to nest in saguaro cactus and mesquite trees. Within the United States, you can find them in California, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. Outside the United States, they can be found in Central Mexico.

Meet the Gila Woodpecker. 

on March 06, 2023

Communication is imperative for animals. It helps them establish their territories, find a mate, and work together. There are four main ways animals communicate with each other: visual, auditory, chemical, and tactile. 


Read more and learn How Animals Communicate With Each Other!

on March 01, 2023