What to Expect When You Open an OBDK Owl Pellet Activity


When you purchase an Owl Brand Discovery Kit or product, you’re investing in inspiring educational outreach through programs like our Passport to Wildlife (P2W). P2W serves students in low-dollar high risk communities where we work to inspire the next generation of wildlife enthusiasts, advocates, and professionals. Watch the video below to learn more about how you are helping make a difference with OBDK.


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The Long-Eared Owl is a fascinating bird of prey with many unique characteristics. From its distinctive appearance to its unusual behaviors, this owl is genuinely one of a kind.

on February 13, 2024

The Eastern Screech Owl is a fascinating bird of prey found throughout the eastern United States. Its distinctive call, unique behavior, and hunting prowess make it an exciting subject of study for bird enthusiasts and scientists alike.

on February 13, 2024

From its hovering and distinctive flight pattern to its ability to hunt in groups and incredibly sharp hearing, the Short-Eared Owl is an extraordinary bird with unique features and behaviors that make it a wonder to behold. 

on February 12, 2024