Deep Dive: Band-bellied Owls

by OBDK on May 02, 2022

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Band-bellied Owls are similar in appearance to Spectacled Owls (which you can read about here!) and are closely related to them but stand out by the distinctive stripes on their bellies.1 They stand about 17 to almost 19 inches tall. They have a wingspan of 11-12.5 inches and weigh almost 15 to 17.5 ounces.2


These owls have a dark facial disc with white streaks by their eyes. Their eyes are dark. They have lighter feathers on their front with brown horizontal stripes. Their wings have brown feathers with some white streaks.2


Band-bellied Owls can be found in several countries in South America, usually in forests and woodlands of mountainous regions. They’re found in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Although we know that these owls are nocturnal and have two subspecies, not much else is known.3 


They’re part of the Strigidae family and are considered to be of Least Concern.1 It’s thought that they most likely catch prey similar to what Spectacled Owls catch – birds, insects, and small mammals. It’s also assumed that they prefer tree cavities in which to nest.2


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One species of owl that we know a lot about is the Barn Owl. These owls can be found in many places throughout the world and are significant because the pellets they leave behind can give us a lot of information about their habitat. By dissecting their pellets, we can learn more about the area they live in and the prey present in that area. 

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