Deep Dive: Spectacled Owls

by OBDK on February 07, 2022

The Spectacled Owl is named because of the markings on its face that make it look like it’s wearing glasses! They have dark brown feathers on their face, with white streaks between and around the eyes.1
They can be found in the southern regions of Mexico and throughout Central and South America. Particularly, they can be found in Costa Rica, Colombia, and the Amazon.1 They stand at 19 inches tall and take up territories that are between 100 to almost 500 acres. These owls are nocturnal and aren’t usually noticed, except for their distinct call. It’s a low-pitched call that gets faster as it goes.2
Spectacled Owls prefer dense rainforests to dwell in. Instead of building their own nests, they’ll take over cavities in trees, similar to many other owls. However, these owls will venture out of the forest to hunt their prey.3
Just like Barn Owls, they have asymmetrical ears that help them pinpoint exactly where their prey is.3 They’ll go after small animals like mice, insects, bats, and birds. They’ll also go after possums or skunks when available. Once spotted, they’ll pounce on their prey to capture it.1
Overall, they’re considered of Least Concern.1 However, they still face threats from their habitat being cut down or fragmented.3
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