Bees are Important Pollinators

by Chris Anderson on July 27, 2022
Did you know that bees are an essential part of our environment? 
They pollinate 80% of flowering plants and 75% of fruits, nuts, and vegetables in the US.1 
That’s a pretty big deal (and a pretty big job!) 
However, bees are in trouble.
This is due to climate change, disease, pesticides, and habitat loss.2 When it comes to honeybees, 30% have collapsed every year since 2006.3 Throughout the world, there are 20,000 species of bees – 4,000 of them are native to North America.1&2 While other insects pollinate, they don’t quite do the job as well as bees do.2 
So how do we help bees?
Some actions you can take to help out bees are:3 
  • Plant wildflowers 
  • Plant native grasses
  • Plant cover crops
When we help bees, we help the rest of the environment, too. For example, by taking these actions, soil health improves, erosion reduces, and it’s easier to prevent invasive species from invading an area.3 
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