Badgers Sometimes Pair Up with Coyotes to Hunt

by Chris Anderson on August 17, 2022
What do you know about badgers? 
There are 11 species of badger and they are divided into three different groups: Melinae, Mellivorinae, and Taxideinae. The last group has the American Badger.1 Badgers are nocturnal and have strong, sturdy bodies that include large claws and very strong jaws.2&3
American Badgers can be found in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Overall, they’re considered to be members of the weasel family.2
When it comes to prey, badgers will go after animals like squirrels, gophers, voles, mice, and even reptiles. They hunt at night and will dig into the ground to get at their prey.3 Sometimes, they’ll pair up with coyotes in order to capture prey they both couldn’t get on their own.2
These badgers are solitary except when it comes to mating season. Males and females will have multiple partners during mating season – which usually occurs in summer or fall.2 Badgers go through a process called delayed implantation. This is when the fertilized egg won’t implant itself into the uterus right away. It’ll remain in a dormant state until the time is right – usually after the winter. The badgers will usually give birth in the springtime.3 
And here’s a fun fact – dachshunds were bred to help take down badgers! They were able to get down into their burrows and were an even match for these animals!4 
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