Coyotes Are Known For Their Adaptability

by OBDK on June 01, 2022

When you first glimpse a coyote, you might think it’s a wolf. They are very similar in appearance, but some specific differences tell them apart. Such as: 
  • Smaller size overall 
  • Thinner muzzles 
  • Smaller ears 
One of the main characteristics that coyotes are known for is their adaptability. This has allowed them to find themselves in a variety of different environments, such as forests or cities, not just their usual habitat, like prairies.1&2

Coyotes historically were found in western North America, but they’ve dispersed themselves throughout North America and can even be found in Central America. This dispersal is mainly due to a lack of predators around, as humans have hunted down usual predators to coyotes, such as bears or mountain lions.3&4
Coyotes eat a wide variety of prey. They’ll eat:1
  • Rabbits 
  • Fish
  • Rodents 
  • Insects 
  • Carrion 
Young coyotes will often eat insects. Taking them down helps them develop the hunting skills that they’ll need as they grow to take down larger prey.2
Coyote pups will spend their early days in several different dens. The rotation of these dens helps keep the pups healthy and safe from certain threats like parasites that could be present.2 Other threats to young pups include disease, weather, and predators.3 Just like wolves, coyotes live together in family groups.1 

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