Bulk Discounts

Owl Brand Discovery Kits is a retail outlet for Owl Brand Supply Company, who since 1996 has sold millions of sterilized barn owl pellets both in the domestic United States, Canada, and overseas. Processing and sterilizing 25-30,000 owl pellets each month is no small endeavor and involves a network of more than 30 part to full time contractors who earn a living through our efforts. As a small family business, we place immeasurable value on those we serve and those who benefit from our ability to find students to dissect our owl pellets.

Historically, a percentage of our business has been selling to other companies who in turn retail their product alongside Owl Brand Discovery & Supply.

We are constantly working with new markets and working toward bringing value to our ultimate customer—other retail outfits and teachers.

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District Negotiated Purchase Orders (DNPO)

A DNPO is any district that purchases on behalf of a group of teachers at the District level and wishes product to be parceled out to individual classrooms and teachers. DNPO orders receive a discount between 20-30% depending on the volume of requests beginning at 500 owl pellets and higher. (Note: DNPOs do not qualify for additional discounts or added items such as tool kits. The lab is available online for no additional charge).

Mid-Level Volume Buyer (MLVB)

Many small businesses who desire to add owl pellets to their catalog and want a reliable supplier. Owl Brand Supply Company can meet those needs through a MLVB purchase agreement. MLVBs are requests that receive favorable pricing that reflects certain price discounts, also dependent upon volume purchase requests. MLVBs are paid at the time of request and these discounts begin at annual purchase agreements of 2,000 barn owl pellets and higher. For an added cost per unit, Owl Brand Supply can customize your purchase to your packaging needs, complete with labeled and resealable bags in quantities of your choosing.

Important Considerations:
  1. Discounted orders require prepayment unless otherwise negotiated.
  2. Preferred payment method on orders above $1,000 is check or money order.
  3. Orders must be placed online with indication of payment in customer comments.
  4. Please allow 14 days for delivery unless otherwise negotiated.
  5. Shipping is added at approximately 12% to a maximum of $22 per 1,000 units.

Bulk Pricing for Schools & Companies

Prices are updated in relationship to inventory and adjusted accordingly.  Unless otherwise noted, discounted purchases are only available on NW & SW Standard Owl Pellets.  Check back frequently to see volume discounts on other OBDK Products.

NW Standard Owl Pellets

501 to 1,000 = $1.74 (Pellets & Probes)
1,001 to 2,500 = $1.64 (Custom Bagging)
2,501 to 5,000 = $1.54 (Custom Bagging)
5,001 & Higher = $1.44 (Custom Bagging)


SW Standard Owl Pellets

501 to 1,000 = $1.79 (Pellets & Probes)
1,001 to 2,500 = $1.69 (Custom Bagging)
2,501 to 5,000 = $1.59 (Custom Bagging)
5,001 & Higher = $1.49 (Custom Bagging)