The Hawaiian Goose is Endemic to the Hawaiian Archipelago

by Chris Anderson on May 09, 2023
The Hawaiian Goose is the state bird of Hawaii and is endemic to the Hawaiian Archipelago. It’s the only surviving goose species that’s endemic to the area. It’s also known as Nēnē.1
These birds can be found living in different elevations on different islands of Hawaii. They can be found living at sea level, or elevations of 8,000 feet!2 They aren’t migratory, but they will move to different areas on the island they live on.1
Within the islands, they can be found in several different habitats, from grasslands to volcanic deserts.2 
Male and female Hawaiian geese look similar.1 They have grayish-brown bodies with black feathers on their head and tail, and black markings on their bills and legs. When they pair up, they’ll couple up for life.2
Hawaiian geese will eat:2
  • Fruit
  • Flowers
  • Seeds
  • Leaves 
These birds are considered endangered.This is from habitat loss and introduced animals to their habitats. They have low success rates when it comes to reproducing, which makes it hard for them to bounce back as their numbers decline.2 
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