Are Owls Territorial?

by OBDK on September 06, 2021

Are owls territorial? 

Some are and some aren't. For example, Barn Owls aren't that territorial, which is why you can put several nest boxes on a single piece of land and have multiple Barn Owls in the area. Other owls, like Tawny Owls, are much more territorial. 

These owls will defend their territory from others to stop competition for resources in the same area.1 This is most common during breeding season when owls are more ready to defend and protect their offspring. For example, female Great Horned Owls won’t hesitate to attack an intruder, whether it’s an animal or human.2


Owls will also use their calls to defend their territory. It alerts others in the area that they’re there and the space is occupied.3 Most times, this territorial nature is only present during breeding season. In this case, it happens from about a month before breeding starts and lasts until the offspring leave.2 For owls that don’t migrate during the year, like the Tawny Owl or the Eagle Owl, they’ll continue to be territorial even outside of breeding season.1


Check out our video all about what Barn Owls look for in their homes below!




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