Test Your Knowledge on Screech Owls!

by OBDK on July 21, 2021

What do you know about Eastern and Western Screech Owls? Here are some quick facts: 


  • Western Screech Owls are socially monogamous, meaning that while they may mate with other owls, they’ll raise their young together.1

  • Eastern Screech Owls are common throughout the eastern part of the United States. Although they like the woods, they can be found in city parks, too.2 

  • Western Screech Owls eat animals like pocket mice, shrews, bats, rabbits, crayfish, and snails.1

  • Eastern Screech Owls eat small rodents and large insects like moths or crickets.2 

  • Both of these owls are cavity dwellers and will usually take over cavities in trees formed by woodpeckers.1&2

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