Red Foxes Can Survive in Many Habitats

by OBDK on November 30, 2022
Did you know that red foxes can survive in many different habitats? These omnivorous canids are very resourceful, and it has allowed them to thrive in a variety of places.1 Red foxes are found throughout the U.S., usually in forest, grassland, mountain, and desert habitats.1&2
While these foxes may most commonly be seen with red fur, they can have silver or black fur in some instances. These foxes usually weigh 6-15 pounds and are about 22-32 inches long. Their tails add 14-16 inches onto that.3
As they’re omnivorous, red foxes will eat vegetables, birds, fish, fruit, and even pet food.1&2 Meanwhile they face threats from pumas, bears, coyotes, wolves, and humans.3 In the wild, red foxes tend to live to be around 4 years old. They are listed as of least concern by the IUCN.1 
During the winter, red foxes will mate. Females have 1-12 pups when they give birth.2 They’ll use dens to keep their offspring safe. Sometimes they’ll make them themselves and other times they’ll take over dens that have already been created by other animals.3 Red fur on their offspring takes about a month to show.2
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