Rainforests Are Important to Protect

by Chris Anderson on May 02, 2023
Do you know why rainforests are so important? Many people discuss how we need to protect them – but have you ever wondered about the role they play on Earth?
Rainforests may only be about 6% of Earth’s land, but they are essential.1 They keep the planet healthy and ensure that we have access to vital resources for our survival.2 Check out how:
The rainforest is home to over 30 million plant and animal species – including 25% of plants that we need for modern medicine.2
Global Warming
The rainforest can store an incredible amount of carbon dioxide, which can help keep it at normal levels on Earth. 1&2
Water Cycle Regulation 
The rainforest can also store a lot of water, which is then released and turns into clouds. The clouds will then rain in other regions throughout the world. This helps prevent drought.2
Despite the incredible role the rainforest plays in our world, it’s under a massive threat from agriculture. This industry is responsible for 80% of deforestation.3 This causes all that stored CO2 to enter into the atmosphere – which only worsens the problem.
It’s important to protect this incredible habitat and ensure that sustainable practices are being used to harvest materials. Some ways to do that include having limits on how much timber can be harvested, planting native trees, and finding alternatives to pesticides.3
Keeping habitats healthy helps maintain biodiversity, which ensures that ecosystems are running smoothly and maintaining balance. Otherwise, they’re not as productive and the health of the habitat and the species within it are at risk.4

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