Expand Your Poster Collection!

by OBDK on October 06, 2021

Ready to expand your collection? You’ve covered lessons on barn owls, screech owls, owl pellets, and more. Time to switch it up.


In our poster collection, we don’t just have posters on owls, but wolves, too! Learn all about Mexican Wolves, Red Wolves, Gray Wolves, and Arctic Wolves. 


These Wolves of the World posters include information about: 

  • How to identify them by their physical features 

  • What they eat 

  • How big their home ranges or recovery areas are 

  • The main threats they face 

And more! 


Don’t delay – discover a whole new series of animals with our posters. 


Just $9.99 each! 


Proceeds from the sale of these posters fund the wilderness publications of Canines, Carnivores, & Conservation, and the Passport to Wildlife biology immersion experiences from the Wolf Education and Research Center.