What's the difference between Eastern and Western Screech Owls?

by OBDK on November 30, 2020


Have you fallen in love with screech owls yet? You'll be sure to by the end of this email! Although Eastern and Western Screech Owls may seem like they'd be the same except for the region they occupy, they actually have several differences. 

Let's take a look at them individually:

Eastern Screech Owl 

These owls are shorter and stockier than other owls we’ve spoken about. They stand between six and ten inches tall, weigh between four and eight and half ounces, and their wingspans reach between 19 and 24 inches. 

Their feathers are usually either gray or reddish-brown, both of which have patterns that allow for easy camouflage against trees. Like barn owls, they’re cavity dwellers. Trees are most likely where they’ll make their homes, although they won’t rule out nest boxes. 

These owls are very common in the Eastern US, usually in wooded areas that are located near water sources. They can also be found in suburban areas or in parks around urban areas. 


Western Screech Owls 

These owls are around the same height as their Eastern counterparts, standing between seven and a half to ten inches tall. They have a wider range in weight, between three and a half to almost eleven ounces, while their wingspan is larger - between 21 and 24.5 inches. 

These owls can also be gray or reddish-brown, but also can be brown. Their fronts have a pattern of dark streaks. They also tend to live in wooded areas in high elevations, but can also be found in canyons and cactus groves. 

Adults may get territorial when others come too close to the nest. They may either go on defense or attack other animals, including humans when they've been deemed to be trespassers. 

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