Spinner Dolphins Can Jump 10 Feet in the Air!

by OBDK on November 23, 2022
Spinner dolphins have incredible acrobatic ability – they will jump out of the water and spin around in the air before they fall back into the water.1 When they jump, they can get about ten feet in the air! They reach about seven feet in length and weigh 170 pounds.2 
There are about four subspecies in total of these dolphins, and each individual spinner dolphin has a unique dorsal fin that allows scientists to identify them. These dolphins are carnivores and eat a variety of fish, squid, and shrimp. Spinner dolphins will hunt them down during the evening when they migrate closer to the surface.1
One of the biggest threats that spinner dolphins have faced is the tuna industry. Yellowfin tuna often swim close to spinner dolphins, so when fishermen try to catch them, spinner dolphins often get caught as bycatch.2 The Eastern Tropical Pacific Spinner Dolphin is still considered vulnerable due to this.3 Laws have been put in place in order to protect these dolphins and ensure that fishing practices are safe for them.2 
Another threat is humans – because spinner dolphins are predictable, humans will often try to get close to them. However, this interferes with their routines and can put both the dolphins and humans at risk.1
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