Which North American Animals Hibernate?

by OBDK on November 02, 2022

When you think of hibernation, you probably think of bears, right? But did you know that there are a bunch of other North American animals that hibernate or enter a similar state during the winter?1
These states help slow down an animal’s body processes, reduce their temperature, and help them lower the amount of energy they use so they can survive the colder temperatures.2
Check these guys out: 
Groundhogs are true hibernators. They live off of their fat stores and will keep hibernating until the winter is over.2
Salamanders will hibernate within vegetation if icy weather comes their way.3
While some bats will migrate to other areas for the winter, some will hunker down and hibernate. They will fatten themselves up before winter arrives so they have something to live off of during the winter.2&3 
Chipmunks will store a bunch of food where they’re planning on spending the winter. Every few days, they’ll wake up and eat what they have stored before returning to this special state they’re in.2
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