Are you as flexible as Barn Owls when it comes to your home?

by OBDK on November 15, 2021

Hi *|FNAME|*,

What are your preferences about where you live? Do you prefer a specific climate? Or a certain neighborhood? Do you prefer an apartment, house, or condo? Maybe you prefer a bigger kitchen over the living room? 


Are you very specific about what you look for in a home? Or do you go with the flow? 


Barn Owls tend to go with the flow, as long as the place they decide on has an available food source and allows them to reproduce. Everything else is almost fair game. Are you flexible like a Barn Owl is when it comes to choosing a home?


Barn Owls are found almost everywhere. They are cavity dwellers – and they don’t care whether those cavities are natural or manmade. You’ll find them in: 


  • Rock crevices 

  • Trees

  • Caves along cliff sides 

  • Holes in river banks 

  • Rafters 

  • Attics 

  • Between hay bales 

  • Nest boxes 


Pretty cool, right? Are you as adaptable and adventurous as a Barn Owl or not? 


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