Interested in Becoming a Biologist?

by OBDK on May 28, 2021

If you’ve ever been interested in becoming a wildlife biologist or have wondered exactly what the job is like, keep reading this email – we have something for you. 


If you’ve asked yourself the following: 

  • What does the job of a biologist look like?
  • Do I need a Master’s Degree or is a Bachelor’s Degree enough?
  • What are the realities of the job compared to being in a classroom?
  • What skills do I need outside of my degree?
  • What doors open for me after I become a biologist?

then this is for you! 

The answers are here in an easy-to-read, won’t-waste-your-time ebook from the Wolf Education and Research Center. WERC’s biologist, Jeremy Heft, answers ten major questions about what it takes to be a biologist, through the lens of his work as a captive wolf handler. 


Get the answers from someone who has been there, done that without having to take a class to speak with a professional. It’s yours to download for free below.

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