There Are 19 Species of Serval

by OBDK on March 08, 2023

Have you heard of the Serval?

Servals are cats that live in over 30 countries in Africa.1 They weigh around 33 pounds and tend to be around 30-40 inches long. They have long legs, which help them cross through the tall grasses in their habitats and capture prey easily.1&2 There are 19 subspecies of Serval.1
They look similar to cheetahs – they have tawny fur and black spots.1 In comparison to the rest of their body, their ears are very large. In fact, they’re actually the cat species with the largest ears. When they hunt, they feed on birds, crabs, insects, and reptiles.3 They’ll pounce on their prey to capture and kill it. Other methods they may use include reaching into a burrow or a source of water to capture their food.1 On the flip side, they are prey for hyenas, leopards, and wild dogs.3 In the wild, they can live to be over 20 years old.1
Female Servals will give birth to 2-4 offspring after around a two-month gestation period.2 The females will raise the offspring on their own. Once the male offspring can hunt on their own, they are forced to go off on their own. Female offspring, however, are allowed to stay with their mom for a couple of years.3
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