What goes into wildlife rehabilitation?

by OBDK on March 05, 2021

Check out our visit to Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary!

What does wildlife rehabilitation consist of?

According to the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association, the goal of wildlife rehabilitation is to care for sick or injured wild animals with the goal of returning them to the wild as soon as they’re able.1 Facilities that do this work closely with veterinarians and have a vast knowledge of how to care for these animals – both physically and psychologically.1&2


The end goal of caring for these animals is that they can be released back into the wild where they can fend for themselves again. They must be able to function normally once they’ve gotten over their injuries or illnesses before they leave the sanctuary.2 If they’re not able to, they’re either humanely euthanized or sent to educational facilities.1


Rehab centers and sanctuaries are important in both caring for animals that need it, and learning more about what animals are threatened by in their habitats. They can educate the public about our own impact on these animals, as we are increasingly coming into contact with their environments.2 


In order to be a rehabilitator, permits must be obtained from the wildlife agencies in whichever state you’re in. Special training, programs, and exams are required as well. If you want to work with birds, you need a permit from the US Fish and Wildlife service as well.1


Check out our visit to the Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary here! Learn about how their animals arrive at the sanctuary, what kind of spaces their animals are kept in, and learn more about the peregrine falcon and great horned owl!

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