Downtime can be relaxing AND educational!

by OBDK on March 31, 2021

Downtime can be relaxing and educational


When the school and work day is done, it’s time to relax. Most of us pull up Netflix and escape to somewhere else as we wind down. But why not learn something while you’re at it?


Who says you can’t recharge and learn at the same time? The Great Wolf Divide: A Predator’s Dilemma is the perfect example. 


Reserve your seat on the couch for a 45 minute viewing of: 

  • Wolf history of United States

  • The relationship between humans and wolves 

  • Why wolves are often painted as the villain 

  • Wolf reintroduction 

  • How wolves affect their environments

This film is from the Wolf Education and Research Center and it covers all of the above topics through the lens of the two wolf packs they cared for: the Sawtooth Pack: Wolves of the Nez Perce and the Owyhee Pack. 


By the end, work and school will be far away, but you’ll still have learned something new! How about that! 


Oh and the best part? It’s only $8. Get it here!