Deep Dive - Tawny Owls

by OBDK on March 21, 2022

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Tawny Owls are very common within the UK, although their territory expands beyond it.1&2 They are a very territorial species of owl that can be found in woodland habitats. Their home ranges are usually between 30 and 50 acres.1


Within the UK, they’re found in England, Wales, and Scotland, but they aren’t found in Ireland, because they don’t travel across the water.1&3 They stand about 14-15 inches tall, have a wingspan of 37-39 inches, and weigh about 11-20 ounces. They are nocturnal and are often heard more than they’re seen.3


These owls hunt various prey including rabbits, mice, shrews, insects, frogs, birds, crustaceans, and more. They’ll hunt during the night.2 They’ll establish their territories in autumn, and they’ll stay there and defend that territory until they breed. They like to nest in tree cavities but will settle for other locations, like nest boxes, if they’re unable to find their first choice.1


Their clutches usually consist of 2-3 eggs, and incubation lasts about a month.1 Usually when they pair up, they are monogamous and mate for life, but that isn’t always the case.2 Tawny Owls are very widespread within the UK – they’re the most common species of owl found in that region.1


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