A Lion's Roar Can Travel 5 Miles!

by OBDK on March 22, 2023

Tigers are the biggest cats, but lions are right behind them! They are around 6 feet long, not including their tails. Their tails add an extra 3 feet!1
Lions are also one of the only social cats. The majority of cats are solitary, but lions live together in prides. They will claim territory in grasslands, savannas, or even woodland habitats. They’re usually found in Africa, but they were once found in Europe and Asia.2 Once upon a time, you could also find them in North America!3
When it comes to their territories, the size of it will usually depend on how much prey is around. They will directly affect one another. If there’s a lot of prey, they’ll have a smaller territory, while if there isn’t a lot of prey, they’ll have a bigger territory.2
Many animals have different tactics in order to protect their territory. Lions will roar as one way to protect their territory. Their roar can be heard over a distance of five miles!1
The females in the pride will usually do the hunting for everyone. They’ll go after:2
  • Buffalo
  • Hippos
  • Zebras
  • Antelope
They may also steal food from other animals.2

The females will also raise the offspring. Lion cubs need to be cared for until they’re about two years old. Until then, it’s very likely they’ll die. The average mortality rate for them is over 80%. Once cubs survive to be about a year old, they’ll start participating in hunting.2

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