New: Dissect It! kits are here!

by OBDK on June 09, 2021

Our Sherlock Bones winner this week is Chloe! Congratulations, Chloe!
Time to learn about dissection and anatomy in a different way. These Dissect It! kits are perfect to learn about the anatomy of a specific animal, instead of its prey. Pick between a Piranha, Salamander, or Frog (or get all three!) for your dissection experience.

These animals are made of a one-of-a-kind gelatin material that gives a realistic experience without the use of a real animal! The detailed instructions take you through the process so you can learn about everything inside the animal: their skeletal structure and where their organs are located. 


These kits include: 

  • Dissection table

  • Plastic tools 

  • Complete skeleton and organs 

  • Two refill gel kits 


Recommended for ages 6+. 


Keep your dissection skills sharp with this new experience – and without the worry of using a real animal. It’s a perfect way to introduce kids to science and anatomy in a fun, safe way. 


Shop the collection here or buy all three here