The Secret Impact of Wolves You Need To Know

by OBDK on June 25, 2021

You love learning about wildlife. Check out this ebook from the Wolf Education and Research Center all about wolves and the impact they have on their environment! 


Wolves have been thought of as “bad” for centuries and that idea has produced tensions between humans and wolves. Too often, wolves will be killed in revenge for taking down livestock when nonlethal methods have been proven to work better at keeping wolves away and livestock safe. With their bad reputation has come great misunderstanding about just how important these wolves are to their ecosystems.

In this ebook, learn about: 

  • How wolves’ role as a keystone species impacts their environment

  • What happens when wolves are removed from an ecosystem

  • What happens when they’re reintroduced to an ecosystem

  • How they improve the lives of other animals

  • How they affect our own lives

  • What we can do to help 


This ebook is yours for free to download at the button below! It’s a perfect resource to share in your classroom to teach kids about the importance of all species in an environment. Download it now!

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