Check Out These Summer Wildlife Destinations!

by OBDK on June 18, 2021

This summer, why not take a trip to a conservation center? There are plenty in the Northwest that provide exciting experiences and activities that are also educational about our nation’s wildlife. Make a positive difference for these animals and learn something new (and have fun while you’re at it!). 


Our article has destination suggestions in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Montana. 


If you like…



Check out Northwest Trek Wildlife Park. You can get up close with their gray wolves on their walking paths as well as other animals. You can also do a Wild Drive in your own car. 


Check out the Peregrine Fund World Center for Birds of Prey. The center has over 580 acres of land and activities from live demonstrations to tours. 



Check out the Montana Grizzly Encounter. Take the opportunity to see bears in their natural habitat and learn about bear safety and conservation. 



Check out the Great Cats World Park. Their feline ambassadors will lead the way in showing you everything you need to know about endangered cats. 


These are just some options for you. Read about the other seven in our article here