How Important is the Endangered Species Act?

by Chris Anderson on July 09, 2021

The ESA wasn’t the first law passed to help wildlife, but it was the first one to really put something into action to save threatened and endangered species. In fact, it’s had an almost 100% success rate in reaching its goals. It’s an imperative safety net for our wildlife


It’s helped bald eagles, cougars, and bats recover from human actions like pesticide use and land development. In our article, read more about: 


  • The importance of the ESA

  • Other animals it’s helped save 

  • Notable animal extinctions in our history 

  • Why having wolves in an ecosystem to control prey populations is better than human hunters 

  • How we can use scientific research to our advantage when advocating for animals 


Having as much information as possible on the status of our wildlife and solutions to help them is important to make the best decisions for them. Read more here