How to Stay Safe While Camping

by OBDK on July 30, 2021

Now that it’s summertime, many of you will no doubt be ready to go camping with friends and family! When camping, it’s important to remember that you’re not the only ones out there and you need to make sure you’re keeping safe from other wildlife, bears in particular. 


It’s possible for bears to cross your path when you’re out camping. This is usually because they’re out searching for food. Bears are attracted to the food humans bring to campsites – but this is a big problem because when bears get used to human food, it can change their behavior and cause them to be more aggressive. 


Our article here breaks down different habits you should adopt when you’re out in the wild to help both wild bears survive, and you stay safe. This article breaks down camping advice from campsite setup to garbage disposal. Learn about: 

  • How to investigate your campsite 

  • What areas to avoid when setting up camp

  • What you should avoid bringing into your tent 

  • How you should handle your cooking area 


And more! Read it here