Start a Conversation About Sharks This Summer With Our Puzzle!

by OBDK on July 14, 2021

In the heat of summer, many of us love hanging out at the beach all day. But with swimming in the ocean comes the responsibility of being aware of sharks that may be nearby and come in close to the shore in the swimming areas we love. 


Sharks face the same bad reputation as other carnivores, like wolves, do. The deep-rooted fear of sharks that many people have comes from a misunderstanding of what threat they actually pose. Let’s get realistic about what to expect from sharks in the ocean this summer. 


Build awareness of sharks before you head to the beach with our 100-piece shark puzzle. 

These pieces are large and easy to handle by children ages 5 and up. When finished, it measures 38”x23”. Included is a poster for reference that also has a list of fun facts about sharks! Make learning an interesting activity with these fun facts and start a discussion about safety in the water. 


Learning the truth helps alleviate fear and gives a more grounded understanding of what these marine animals actually do. Plus, starting with a puzzle helps make the conversation more fun and engaging, instead of scary. 


Get yours here