What Birds Are Considered Some of the Most Successful?

by OBDK on July 14, 2021

What do you think are the three species of raptor that are considered the most successful in the world?


If your guess was any of the following, you’re right! 


  • Barn Owl 

  • Peregrine Falcon 

  • Osprey1


Barn owls are amazing fliers and skilled hunters. They can use their incredible hearing to pinpoint exactly where their prey is, even if they can’t see them. These owls hunt small mammals and especially love to go after voles. 


Peregrine falcons are fast fliers. Their normal travel speed is between 25 and 34 miles per hour, but when they pull off their signature stoop move, they can hit speeds up to 200 miles per hour.2


Ospreys like to hang out near sources of water because their diet consists mostly of fish. They’ll fly over lakes, rivers, and along coasts and dive down to pick up fish near the surface.3 


These birds don’t compete with each other for food, as they go after different prey and have different specialized hunting skills. What they do have in common is that they can fly long distances and they all are birds that mate for life. Because of these skills and the ability to reach nearly any land, they are present on every continent except for Antarctica.1 This is what makes them some of the most successful birds. 


Check out our video here on what makes barn owls the perfect hunters!

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