Kit Foxes Are Well Adapted to Hot Climates

by OBDK on January 04, 2023

Have you heard of the Kit Fox? 
They can be found in the southwestern region of the United States and in Mexico.1 They are very well adapted to hot temperatures and can be found in desert, scrubland, and grassland habitats.1&2
For example:2

  • They have fur on the pads of their feet, which keeps them safe from the hot ground
  • They have large ears, which allow them to shed heat 
They also have gray fur, which assists them with camouflage in their habitats. They’re about the size of a cat. When they eat, they’ll eat fruit, rabbits, and rodents. What they eat helps keep them hydrated, so they don’t drink water often.2
Kit Foxes were added to the list of endangered species in 1967.3 They face many risks, including:2&3
  • Climate change
  • Their dens being destroyed by human development or cars running over them
  • Car crashes
  • Getting tangled in sports nets that humans leave out 
  • Habitat loss

The big issue when it comes to habitat loss for these foxes is that they will adapt – and in doing so, they’ll find themselves closer to humans and they won’t fear humans, which can put them in a dangerous situation.3
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