Deep Dive: Red-headed Woodpeckers

by OBDK on January 16, 2023

Red-headed woodpeckers have very distinct markings. They’re also the only species of woodpecker whose head is completely red.1 They can be found in areas east of the Rocky Mountains.2 They stand just under 10 inches tall and have a wingspan of 14-17 inches.2&3
These woodpeckers are omnivores. They’ll eat:1

  • Seeds
  • Insects
  • Fruit
  • Bird eggs 
They’ll also store food for later, similar to the Acorn woodpecker. They’ll shove food into cracks in the wood on trees to go back to.1 
When it comes to nesting, they’ll create cavities in trees to nest in.3 Both males and females will incubate the eggs for about two weeks. After a month, the offspring will fledge.2 Red-headed woodpeckers can reproduce twice in a year.3
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