Advocacy is the key to protecting our wildlife.

by OBDK on January 02, 2021


It’s no secret that wolves have faced many hardships within the United States. They’ve been the target of myths, misinformation, and misunderstanding for centuries. The consequences of this have been fear, killing, and policies that don’t do enough. 


Luckily, wolves have people like us on their side to fight for them. Advocacy is the key to helping maintain protections for wolves. It comes in many forms: 

  • Groups that can go to court

  • Groups that work with communities affected by large predators

  • Groups that focus on education


All of these organizations are essential to maintain our wildlife protections. Without them, many of our animal friends would be in trouble. 


Our big focus is education. Through dispelling the myths around wolves and giving people the correct information, we’re able to change attitudes from centuries ago. When we educate others, they may find their own passion for animals and pass on their knowledge to others, too. 


The key component of this is understanding. When it comes to environmentalism, sides can get heated and then discussions aren’t productive. Treating each other like people, with respect, opens the door to real dialogues that address differing viewpoints. This enables understanding between everyone and can lead to the changing of opinions and team work. 

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