Deep Dive: Grey-headed Woodpeckers

by Chris Anderson on May 07, 2023
Grey-headed Woodpeckers can be found in Europe and Asia.1 They stand about 10 inches tall and weigh 6-8 ounces.2 Their wingspan reaches roughly 16 inches.1 
These woodpeckers are very similar to another species of woodpecker, called the Green Woodpecker.3 However, they are separate species. Grey-headed Woodpeckers have grey heads with black markings on their faces. Males will have a spot of red, too. Meanwhile, their wings are a greenish-yellow color. Their chests are grey. Compared to the Green Woodpecker, their heads have a rounder shape and their beaks are smaller.3
These woodpeckers will feed on:2
  • Beetle larvae
  • Insects
  • Maggots 
  • Seeds 
They do share territory with Green Woodpeckers and are able to do so because Green Woodpeckers like to eat ants, and Grey-headed Woodpeckers aren’t as great at catching and eating ants as they are. So they tend not to be competitive with each other.1
Grey-headed Woodpeckers breed in the spring, usually in May. When females lay their eggs, they can be anywhere from 5 to 10. Males and females share the responsibilities of caring for the offspring. They incubate them for just over two weeks.2 
Overall, these woodpeckers are considered to be of Least Concern by the IUCN.1 
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