Burnt out? Here’s a hands-on activity for you.

by OBDK on February 03, 2021

Are you feeling the electronic burnout?

After spending months working from home, schooling from home, staring from one screen to the next can start driving you crazy. You go from your computer to your phone to the television and without a commute, it feels like there’s no real break from everything where you can put the phone away and just sit and do something completely different. 


How about a puzzle?

Our 300 piece I Am Tiger puzzle is a perfect activity to escape screen time and bond with your family. When it’s finished, it measures 17”x16”. Learn all about tigers with a sheet of fun facts that also doubles as a tiger poster to hang up wherever you’d like! 


This puzzle is great for:

  • Doing something hands-on – no screens making your eyes hurt.

  • Starting real conversations with your family – learn about a new topic, chat face-to-face.

  • A break – it’s too easy to work through lunch and log extra hours. Give yourself a break to clear your thoughts.


The pandemic has also brought with it feelings of isolation for both kids and adults. Children have a hard time without their friends, and video chat can only go so far. Take their mind off things and get the conversation going around the kitchen table while you work on the puzzle together. 


This can be used for anyone age 10+, alone or with a group. 


Give yourself an opportunity to dive into a new activity to help:

  • Clear your mind

  • Feel refreshed

  • Bond with your family 

  • Avoid burnout 


Don’t delay. Get your tiger puzzle here!. Explore all of our animal puzzles here.