What do you know about Spotted Owls?

by OBDK on February 22, 2021

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Spotted Owls are medium owls with dark brown feathers and white spots. They also have striking dark eyes. They stand between 16 and 19 inches tall and weigh between 1-1.5 pounds.1


Where Do They Live?

These owls live in forest habitats that have old-growth trees. They reside in cavities in trees, cliffs, or caves.2 They don’t build their own nests, but will take over nests of others, like raptors, squirrels, or crows.1&2


They are found in North America, usually in the western or southwestern states of the US and the western part of Mexico.2


They hunt at night, but might also take advantage of opportunities during the day. They eat: mice, voles, rabbits, bats, small birds, and reptiles.3


What Threats Do They Face?

A big threat to these owls is the timber industry, because they live in forests that tend to be favored in that industry.2 They also face natural threats from Great Horned Owls, Northern Goshawks and other large raptors.1 Barred Owls also pose a threat, as they have been displacing Spotted Owls from their habitats.3


These owls sometimes are confused with Barred Owls because of their similar appearance. But they’re not the same. Check out some information on Barred Owls here to see the differences.

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