Are you up for a challenge?

by OBDK on February 10, 2021

Are you up for a challenge? 


You’ve mastered the art of Barn Owl pellet dissection.

You know how to identify mice and vole skeletons no problem

Time to take it to the next level with Great Horned Owl pellets. 

These owls have different prey options in their diet, because they can take down prey up to three times heavier than they are! So you can find rabbits, gulls, crows, and even great blue herons along with voles and mice. 


Because of their different diet, it's more challenging to identify prey. The pellets are chalkier, more porous and more fragile than Barn Owl pellets. Great Horned Owls break up the bones in order to swallow their meal, so get ready for a puzzle! 

Test your skills to see what you can identify! 

These pellets aren’t always in stock, because they tend to be more difficult to find and preserve. Get them now while they’re available. Buy them here!