What Do Felids and Canids Have in Common?

by OBDK on February 02, 2023

Do you have a favorite: dogs or cats? 

Most people have a definite favorite, and these animals have a lot of differences, but also some similarities.

Check out some important characteristics these animals have: 

  • There are 37 species
  • They are native almost everywhere
  • Most felines have fur that has a pattern, such as stripes or spots 
  • Most have retractable claws 
  • Cats tend to be silent, but big cats, like lions, will roar or growl
  • They usually hunt alone. The exception is lions. 
  • They are built for rapid dashes, but not sustained running 
  • They have great senses of sight and hearing but don’t have as good a sense of smell as canines do 
  • Their front feet have five toes and their back feet have four toes 
  • There are 36 species 
  • They can be found almost everywhere
  • Most canids are carnivores, but some have a more omnivorous diet 
  • They tend to be social and often communicate with howls, yelps, and barks
  • Most canines have a uniform pattern on their fur 
  • They are built for long-term stamina, but not rapid dashes 
  • They have four toes on their front feet plus a dewclaw, while their back feet have four toes
  • Their claws are not retractable 
  • Carnivorous canines tend to hunt together in packs, while omnivorous canines are usually solitary 
  • Social hierarchies come with their social groups 

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