Deep Dive - Eurasian Eagle Owl

by OBDK on March 14, 2022

Eurasian Eagle Owls are very big owls that can be found in Europe, Asia, and in the northern regions of Africa. They stand 2-2.5 feet tall, weigh 3-9 pounds, and have a wingspan of 5-6 feet.1 They are part of the Strigidae family and in the genus Bubo. While their bodies are mottled brown and their faces have gray and white feathers, their eyes are a striking orange color. They also have ear tufts.2


They prefer wooded areas to live in and can usually be found near cliffs and caves. However, as long as there is a place to live and prey to eat, Eurasian Eagle Owls may pick spots that they wouldn’t normally, like city parks.1


These owls are active at night. They’ll roost during the day and hunt once the sun goes down. They eat a variety of prey, including voles, rats, mice, hares, ducks, lizards, snakes, crabs, and more. They prefer to hunt in more open spaces.3


Eurasian Eagle Owls tend to mate for life. When courting, the male and female will sing together. While these owls are territorial, they’ll share parts of their territories with other pairs of Eurasian Eagle Owls.3


Overall, these owls are considered of Least Concern, according to the IUCN Red List.1 They don’t have any natural predators above them in the food chain, but they do run into problems with electrocution, getting hit by cars, and being shot.3


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