Dholes Are Highly Adaptable Canids

by Chris Anderson on April 19, 2023
These are a type of canid that can be found in Asia.1 They’re an interesting species that look like a fox but are around the size of a German shepherd – yet genetically, they’re close to African Wild Dogs.2&3 
They are social animals and live in packs. They are good jumpers and swimmers.3 They’re also very adaptable and so can live in a variety of habitats.2 Just like wolves, packs will have one breeding pair. They’ll mate at the end of the year. Once the pups are about three years old, the females will disperse to find or start another pack.3
These animals are considered to be endangered.1 They are affected by retaliatory killing by humans, humans hunting down their prey, and habitat loss.1&2 They only have 25% of their historic range.2
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