Recreation in Bear Country eBook

by OBDK on December 07, 2020

At this time of year, bears are starting to settle down for the winter. They’ll be settled down for the next few months, and during that time, will have cubs. Cubs will be looked after by their mother and once the weather warms and normal life starts up again, they’ll learn how to survive in the wild. 


Bear cubs face threats in the wild as they grow up. But the biggest threat to bears overall, both young and old, is humans


Threats include: 

  • Deforestation

  • Hunting/Trapping 

  • Habituation to human food 

  • Car accidents


Habituation to human food is a perfect example of how we interfere with a bear’s survival. When camping or visiting a national park, it’s important not to feed the bears or interact with them. Human food can cause changes in the bear’s behavior and make them more aggressive. 


Not only that, but when they become dependent on our food, they lose that natural instinct to find food for themselves. They may travel further for human food, become more nocturnal, and have a very hard time surviving in the wild on their own. 

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