What OBDK customers are saying

by OBDK on December 07, 2020

"This was the COOLEST thing! I was not excited about ordering this for my daughter's class assignment but when we sat down to do it, almost 3 1/2 hours later, we had the skeletons of FOUR rats!!! My daughter was Ecstatic! And I was duly impressed! I would totally recommend this to order for your child's science assignment! 😁👍"



"I ordered the largest size to dissect with my preschool “Animals and Nature” class. Because it comes pre-sterilized we let the kids pull it apart with their hands. Our pellet had five whole rodent skulls and a myriad of other bones! Kids loved trying to match the bones with the little chart that came with it. Very fun and almost no prep required from me. (win)"

- Amy 


"My son was begging to dissect an owl pellet. These arrived quickly and they were full of bones. The first one had almost 3 complete skeletons in it. Kept my 6 year old engaged and learning for a long time! Definitely worth the small cost"



Our pellets are: super fun, full of bones, and entertaining for kids! 


Our happy customers have had success making science fun for their children. Both parents and teachers have benefited from our owl pellets. 


They’re the perfect activity for students in science classes, whether those classes are in person or over video chat. 


They are a great family activity to create lasting memories with your kids. 


This year has been hard – hard to adjust to a new way of life, a new way of teaching, hard to figure out exactly how to manage our personal lives with our professional ones.

Let us make one thing easier. 

We combine entertainment with education. Owl pellet dissections are an interesting, affordable activity to bond with your kids or introduce your students to a new scientific concept. 


Don’t miss out on our pellet dissection activities! Buy pellets here and learn along with us!