How much do you know about Long-Eared Owls?

by OBDK on December 14, 2020

Long-Eared Owls are medium-sized owls that have very long ear tufts. They can be found in various regions from North America to the Middle East to Northern Africa. They stand around 14-16 inches tall, with a wingspan that reaches between 35 to almost 40 inches, and weigh between a half pound to almost a full pound.



These owls prefer their nests be in dense forests with an open area for hunting nearby. They don’t build their own nests, but will take over abandoned nests. These nests can sit anywhere from only four feet off the ground to 30. In the wintertime, they actually roost with other long-eared owls, which can be a group up to 50 owls! These roost sites tend to be used annually. 


When they reproduce, a female will lay around four to six eggs, but she can lay up to ten. She’ll incubate them for 26-28 days. After about five weeks after hatching, the owlets can start to take short flights by themselves.



In general, the vulnerability for long-eared owls is low. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t face threats in the wild. These birds can be killed through human activities like being shot down or hit by a car. They also need to watch out for great horned owls, barred owls, and raccoons.


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