Birds Have a Positive Impact When They Migrate

by Chris Anderson on August 01, 2022
Many birds migrate, and their migration patterns all look different. Some may go north to south (or vice versa), east to west, or even go from lower altitudes to higher elevations. They may travel hundreds or thousands of miles to reach their next destination.1
Migration happens when resources get too low in a specific area. This helps birds survive, enabling them to move to a different location during a specific time of year. Their migrations are important to the ecosystems they cross.2 This is because birds don’t make the trip in one go. They will often fly at night and then rest and refuel during the day before heading off again.1&3 They will stop over in different places as they go on their journey.3

As they land in different places, they provide several benefits to that environment, including:2&3
  • Pest control 
  • Pollination 
  • Seed dispersal 
  • Fertilization 
For example, some birds will cross the Gulf of Mexico during their migration. That is a long flight for them and so beforehand, they will stop and feed on insects before this long leg of the journey. By doing this, they help control the insect population.3
Another service birds provide while they migrate is recreation. Bird watchers all over the world will try and catch a glimpse of these birds while they migrate.3
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