How Are National Birds Chosen?

by OBDK on August 09, 2021

Many countries have a national bird. Usually, these birds are representative of the country they’re the symbol of. Sometimes these birds are chosen by the government, while other times they’re put to a popular vote with the public.1


The United States’ national bird is the Bald Eagle. This came about in 1782. Once the Declaration of Independence was signed, several people and committees were given the job to come up with the official seal of the United States. However, everyone failed to come up with something that Congress liked.2


That is until Charles Thomson took over. The eagle image was initially introduced by William Barton in a previous design of the seal. Thomson decided to make it more prominent and to make it an American Bald Eagle. The design was accepted after that, and the rest is history!2


Other examples of national birds from other countries are: 

  • The Common Kestrel for Belgium 

  • The Golden Eagle for Mexico 

  • The Common Blackbird for Sweden1


Each state has its own bird as well. Look yours up here!