How Big Do Raptor Nests Get?

by OBDK on August 27, 2021

Nests are an important part of a raptor’s life. Different birds of prey will set up their nests in different spots depending on what they need and what habitat they thrive in. For example, hawks will often make their way into cities and make their homes in high places and parks, while eagles tend not to do so. Check out a few: 


Eagles – will usually build their nests between 50 and 120 feet off the ground. The nest itself will reach between six and ten feet in height. They usually build their nests in large trees. 


Ospreys – will set up their nests on nesting platforms, power poles, and at the tops of trees. Just like eagles, their nests can be built up to ten feet high.1


Red-tailed Hawks – like to put their nests high in trees, cliff ledges, or even billboard platforms. These nests will usually be around six and a half feet in height. 


Owls – will have different nests depending on what type of owl they are. Great Gray Owls will take over old nests from other birds while Burrowing Owls will take over old burrows in the ground from other animals. 


Check out more information in our article here about exactly what these raptors need to decide to settle down in a specific spot!


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